Light Side:

Rare 1
2-1B (Too-Onebee) Character-Droid
Anakin's Lightsaber Character Weapon
Commander Luke Skywalker Character-Rebel
Concussion Grenade Character Weapon
Dark Dissension Used or Lost Interrupt
Disarming Creature Immediate Effect
I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside Used Interrupt
K-3PO (Kay-Threepio) Character-Droid
Rogue 1 Combat Vehicle
Rogue 3 Combat Vehicle
Rug Hug Lost Interrupt
The First Transport Is Away! Utinni Effect
Who's Scruffy-Looking? Used Interrupt
You Have Failed Me For The Last Time Lost Interrupt
You Will Go To The Dagobah System Lost Interrupt

Rare 2
Artillery Remote Device
Bacta Tank Effect
Dack Ralter Character-Rebel
Echo Base Operations Effect
General Carlist Rieekan Character-Rebel
Major Bren Derlin Character-Rebel
Planet Defender Ion Cannon Artillery Weapon
R-3PO (Ar-Threepio) Character-Droid
Rogue 2 Combat Vehicle
Surface Defense Cannon Starship Weapon
Wes Janson Character-Rebel
Zev Senesca Character-Rebel

Uncommon 1
Attack Pattern Delta Lost Interrupt
Derek 'Hobbie' Klivian Character-Rebel
Dual Laser Cannon Vehicle Weapon
Evacuation Control Effect
Golan Laser Battery Artillery Weapon
Ice Storm Mobile Effect
Jeroen Webb Character-Rebel
Lucky Shot Used or Lost Interrupt
One More Pass Used Interrupt
Power Harpoon Vehicle Weapon
Shawn Valdez Character-Rebel
Tauntaun Bones Effect
Tigran Jamiro Character-Rebel
Toryn Farr Character-Rebel
Under Attack Used Interrupt

Uncommon 2
Atgar Laser Cannon Artillery Weapon
Cal Alder Character-Rebel
Hoth Location-System
Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room) Location-Site
Hoth: Main Power Generators Location-Site
Medium Transport Starship
Ord Mantell Location-System
Romas "Lock" Navander Character-Rebel
Snowspeeder Combat Vehicle
Tamizander Rey Character-Rebel
Walker Sighting Lost Interrupt
Wyron Serper Character-Rebel

Common 1
Echo Base Trooper Officer Character-Rebel
EG-4 (Eegee-Four) Character-Droid
Medium Repeating Blaster Cannon Artillery Weapon
Rebel Scout Character-Rebel
WED-1016 'Techie' Droid Character-Droid

Common 2
Echo Trooper Backpack Device
Fall Back! Lost Interrupt
Frostbite Effect
FX-7 (Effex-Seven) Character-Droid
Hoth Survival Gear Device
Hoth: Defensive Perimeter Location-Site
Hoth: Echo Corridor Location-Site
Hoth: Echo Docking Bay Location-Site
Hoth: Echo Med Lab Location-Site
Hoth: North Ridge Location-Site
Hoth: Snow Trench Location-Site
Infantry Mine Automated Weapon
It Can Wait Lost Interrupt
Nice Of You Guys To Drop By Used Interrupt
Perimeter Scan Used Interrupt
R2 Sensor Array Device
R5-M2 (Arfive-Emmtoo) Character-Droid
Rogue Gunner Character-Rebel
Tauntaun Creature Vehicle
Tauntaun Handler Character-Rebel
Vehicle Mine Automated Weapon

Common 3
Echo Base Trooper Character-Rebel C3

Dark Side:

Rare 1
Admiral Ozzel Character-Imperial
Blizzard 1 Combat Vehicle
Blizzard Scout 1 Combat Vehicle
Death Mark Utinni Effect
Frozen Dinner Immediate Effect
General Veers Character-Imperial
High Anxiety Immediate Effect
Meteor Impact? Utinni Effect
Mournful Roar Immediate Effect
Responsibility Of Command Utinni Effect
Stalker Starship
This Is Just Wrong Utinni Effect
Trample Used Interrupt
Tyrant Starship
Weapon Malfunction Utinni Effect

Rare 2
Blizzard 2 Combat Vehicle
Captain Piett Character-Imperial
Collapsing Corridor Lost Interrupt
Debris Zone Used Interrupt
Furry Fury Used or Lost Interrupt
Hoth: Wampa Cave Location-Site
Image Of The Dark Lord Effect
Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder Used or Lost Interrupt
Tactical Support Lost Interrupt
Target The Main Generator Epic Event
Wampa Snow Creature
Yaggle Gakkle Used Interrupt

Uncommon 1
AT-AT Cannon Vehicle Weapon
Captain Lennox Character-Imperia
Crash Landing Used Interrupt
Death Squadron Effect
Direct Hit Used or Lost Interrupt
Electro-Rangefinder Device
Exposure Lost Interrupt
Ice Storm Mobile Effect
Imperial Domination Effect
Lightsaber Deficiency Used Interrupt
Self-Destruct Mechanism Used Interrupt
The Shield Doors Must Be Closed Effect
Too Cold For Speeders Effect
Walker Barrage Used Interrupt
Wall Of Fire Lost Interrupt

Uncommon 2
Blizzard Walker Combat Vehicle
Breached Defenses Immediate Effect
Deflector Shield Generators Device
Exhaustion Lost Interrupt
Hoth Location-System
Hoth: Echo Command Center (War Room) Location-Site
Lieutenant Cabbel Character-Imperial
Hoth: Echo Corridor Location-Site
Probe Antennae Device
Silence Is Golden Effect
That's It, The Rebels Are There! Used Interrupt

Common 1
A Dark Time For The Rebellion Lost Interrupt
E-web Blaster Artillery Weapon
Imperial Supply Used or Lost Interrupt
Snowtrooper Officer Character-Imperial
Turn It Off! Turn It Off! Used or Lost Interrupt

Common 2
AT-AT Driver Character-Imperial
Cold Feet Used Interrupt
ComScan Detection Used Interrupt
Frostbite Effect
FX-10 (Effex-ten) Character-Droid
He Hasn't Come Back Yet Lost Interrupt
Hoth: Defensive Perimeter Location-Site
Hoth: Echo Docking Bay Location-Site
Hoth: Ice Plains Location-Site
Hoth: North Ridge Location-Site
I'd Just As Soon Kiss A Wookiee Lost Interrupt
Imperial Gunner Character-Imperial
Infantry Mine Automated Weapon
Oh, Switch Off Used Interrupt
Ord Mantell Location-System
Our First Catch Of The Day Used Interrupt
Portable Fusion Generator Device
Probe Droid Character-Droid
Probe Droid Laser Character Weapon
Probe Telemetry Used Interrupt
Stop Motion Used Interrupt
Vehicle Mine Automated Weapon

Common 3
Snowtrooper Character-Imperial