Light Side:

Asteroids Do Not Concern Me Utinni Effect
At Peace Immediate Effect
Dagobah: Bog Clearing Location-Site
Dagobah: Yoda's Hut Location-Site
Descent Into The Dark Immediate Effect
Effective Repairs Used or Lost Interrupt
Egregious Pilot Error Lost Interrupt
Han's Toolkit Device
Hiding In The Garbage Effect
I Have A Bad Feeling About This Lost Interrupt
Light Maneuvers Used Interrupt
Luke's Backpack Device
No Disintegrations! Effect
Obi-Wan's Apparition Effect
Order To Engage Effect
Polarized Negative Power Coupling Effect
Raithal Location-System
Reflection Effect
Report To Lord Vader Utinni Effect
Res Luk Ra'auf Lost Interrupt
Rycar's Run Utinni Effect
Size Matters Not Jedi Test
Smuggler's Blues Effect
Son of Skywalker Character-Rebel
Space Slug Creature
Stone Pile Effect
The Professor Effect
This Is More Like It Used Interrupt
This Is No Cave Used Interrupt
Through The Force Things You Will See Lost Interrupt
Tight Squeeze Lost Interrupt
We Can Still Outmaneuver Them Used or Lost Interrupt
We Don't Need Their Scum Used or Lost Interrupt
What Is Thy Bidding, My Master? Utinni Effect
Yoda Character-Jedi Master
Yoda's Gimer Stick Effect
Yoda, You Seek Yoda Lost Interrupt

A Jedi's Strength Jedi Test
Anoat Location-System
Away Put Your Weapon Used or Lost Interrupt
Big One Location-Sector
Big One: Asteroid Cave or Space Slug Belly Location-Site
Closer?! Used Interrupt
Control Lost Interrupt
Dagobah Location-System
Dagobah: Jungle Location-Site
Dagobah: Swamp Location-Site
Domain Of Evil Jedi Test
Flash Of Insight Effect
Found Someone You Have Lost Interrupt
Grounded Starfighter Effect
Ineffective Maneuver Effect
Levitation Used or Lost Interrupt
Scramble Effect
Shoo! Shoo! Used Interrupt
Starship Levitation Used or Lost Interrupt
Transmission Terminated Lost Interrupt
Tunnel Vision Lost Interrupt
Wars Not Make One Great Effect
Yoda Stew Used Interrupt
Yoda's Hope Effect
You Do Have Your Moments Lost Interrupt

Anger, Fear, Aggression Effect
Asteroid Field Location-Sector
Asteroid Sanctuary Effect
Astromech Translator Device
Blasted Varmints Used Interrupt
Bog-wing Creature
Dagobah: Training Area Location-Site
Do, Or Do Not Effect
Droid Sensorscope Device
Encampment Effect
Great Warrior Jedi Test
Lost Relay Used Interrupt
Moving To Attack Position Lost Interrupt
Mynock Creature
Never Tell Me The Odds Effect
Nudj Creature
Portable Fusion Generator Device
Quick Draw Effect
Rebel Flight Suit Device
Recoil In Fear Lost Interrupt
Retractable Arm Device
Rogue Asteroid Mobile Effect
They'd Be Crazy To Follow Us Used Interrupt
Vine Snake Creature
Visored Vision Used or Lost Interrupt

Dark Side:

4-LOM Character-Droid
4-LOM's Concussion Rifle Character Weapon
Avenger Starship
Bad Feeling Have I Effect
Bombing Run Mobile Effect
Bossk Character-Alien
Bossk's Mortar Gun Character Weapon
Broken Concentration Effect
Captain Needa Character-Imperial
Corrosive Damage Effect
Dagobah: Cave Location-Site
Dengar Character-Alien
Dengar's Blaster Carbine Character Weapon
Dragonsnake Creature
Executor Starship
Executor: Holotheatre Location-Site
Executor: Meditation Chamber Location-Site
Failure At The Cave Utinni Effect
Field Promotion Effect
Flagship Effect
Frustration Lost Interrupt
Hound's Tooth Starship
I Want That Ship Effect
IG-2000 Starship
IG-88 Character-Droid
IG-88's Neural Inhibitor Character Weapon
IG-88's Pulse Cannon Character Weapon
Lando System? Lost Interrupt
Lieutenant Suba Character-Imperial
Location, Location, Location Effect
Lost In Space Immediate Effect
Mist Hunter Starship
Much Anger In Him Effect
Punishing One Starship
The Dark Path Effect
Unexpected Interruption Lost Interrupt
Visage Of The Emperor Effect
Zuckuss Character-Alien
Zuckuss' Snare Rifle Character Weapon

Anoat Location-System
Big One Location-Sector
Big One: Asteroid Cave or Space Slug Belly Location-Site
Commander Brandei Character-Imperial
Commander Gherant Character-Imperial
Commander Nemet Character-Imperial
Control Lost Interrupt
Corporal Derdram Character-Imperial
Corporal Vandolay Character-Imperial
Executor: Comm Station Location-Site
Executor: Control Station Location-Site
HoloNet Transmission Used or Lost Interrupt
Imbalance Used Interrupt
Lieutenant Commander Ardan Character-Imperial
Lieutenant Venka Character-Imperial
Precision Targeting Effect
Proton Bombs Starship Weapon
Raithal Location-System
Shot In The Dark Effect
Shut Him Up Or Shut Him Down Used Interrupt
Something Hit Us! Used Interrupt
Space Slug Creature
Sudden Impact Effect
TIE Bomber Starship
Warrant Officer M'Kae Character-Imperial

3,720 To 1 Effect
A Dangerous Time Used or Lost Interrupt
Apology Accepted Used Interrupt
Asteroid Field Location-Sector
Awwww, Cannot Get Your Ship Out Effect
Bog-wing Creature
Close Call Used or Lost Interrupt
Comm Chief Character-Imperial
Defensive Fire Used Interrupt
Executor: Main Corridor Location-Site
Fear Lost Interrupt
He Is Not Ready Effect
Imperial Helmsman Character-Imperial
Knowledge And Defense Effect
Mynock Creature
Rogue Asteroid Mobile Effect
Sleen Creature
Star Destroyer: Launch Bay Location-Site
Take Evasive Action Lost Interrupt
There Is No Try Effect
Those Rebels Won't Escape Us Used or Lost Interrupt
TIE Avenger Starship
Uncertain Is The Future Lost Interrupt
Vine Snake Creature
Voyeur Used or Lost Interrupt