Special Edition

Light Side:
Air-2 Racing Swoop Transport Vehicle C
Alderaan Operative Character-Alien C
All Wings Report In Used Interrupt R
Anoat Operative Character-Alien C
Antilles Maneuver Used Interrupt C
ASP-707 Character-Droid F
B-wing Attack Fighter Starship-Starfighter F
Balanced Attack Used Interrupt U
Ben Kenobi Character-Rebel R
Bothan Spy Character-Alien C
Bothawui Location-System F
Bothawui Operative Character-Alien C
Bren Quersey Character-Rebel U
Bron Burs Character-Alien R
Camie Character-Alien R
Clak'dor VII Operative Character-Alien U
Cloud City Celebration Effect R
Cloud City: Casino Location-Site U
Cloud City: Core Tunnel Location-Site U
Cloud City: Downtown Plaza Location-Site R
Cloud City: North Corridor Location-Site C
Cloud City: West Gallery Location-Site C
Colonel Feyn Gospic Character-Rebel R
Commander Wedge Antilles Character-Rebel R
Corellia Operative Character-Rebel U
Corellian Engineering Corporation Effect R
Coruscant Location-System R
Coruscant Celebration Effect R
Dantooine Base Operations Objective R
Darklighter Spin Lost Interrupt C
Death Star Location-System R
Death Star: Detention Block Corridor Location-Site C
Debnoli Character-Alien R
Desert Location-Site F
Desperate Tactics Used Interrupt C
Direct Assault Used Interrupt C
Disruptor Pistol Character Weapon F
Docking And Repair Facilities Effect R
Don't Tread On Me Used Or Starting Interrupt R
Down With The Emperor! Effect U
Draw Their Fire Effect U
Droid Merchant Character-Alien C
Echo Base Trooper Rifle Character Weapon C
Elyhek Rue Character-Rebel U
Entrenchment Effect R
Farm Location-Site F
Firin Morett Character-Rebel U
First Aid Used Interrupt F
Forest Location-Site F
General McQuarrie Character-Rebel R
Gold 3 Starship-Starfighter U
Gold 4 Starship-Starfighter U
Gold 6 Starship-Starfighter U
Goo Nee Tay Effect R
Grondorn Muse Character-Rebel R
Harc Seff Character-Alien U
Harvest Lost Interrupt R
Heroes Of Yavin Used Interrupt R
Heroic Sacrifice Immediate Effect U
Hidden Base Objective R
Hit And Run Lost Interrupt R
Hol Okand Character-Rebel U
Hoth Sentry Effect U
Imperial Atrocity Immediate Effect R
Incom Corporation Effect R
Incom Engineer Character-Rebel C
Intruder Missile Starship Weapon F
It's Not My Fault! Used Interrupt F
Joh Yowza Character-Alien R
Jungle Location-Site F
Kalit's Sandcrawler Transport Vehicle R
Kashyyyk Operative Character-Alien U
Ketwol Character-Alien R
Kiffex Operative Character-Alien U
Kirdo III Operative Character-Rebel C
Koensayr Manufacturing Effect R
Lando's Blaster Rifle Character Weapon R
Legendary Starfighter Immediate Effect C
Leia's Blaster Rifle Character Weapon R
Lieutenant Lepira Character-Rebel U
Lieutenant Naytaan Character-Rebel U
Lieutenant Tarn Mison Character-Rebel R
Local Defense Used Interrupt U
Local Uprising Objective R
Major Palo Torshan Character-Rebel R
Maneuvering Flaps Effect C
Mechanical Failure Utinni Effect R
Meditation Effect R
Medium Bulk Freighter Starship-Capital U
Melas Character-Alien R
Mind What You Have Learned Objective R
Moisture Farmer Character-Alien C
Neb Dulo Character-Alien U
Nick Of Time Effect U
Old Times Used Interrupt R
On Target Used Interrupt C
Organized Attack Used Or Lost Interrupt C
Patrol Craft Transport Vehicle C
Portable Scanner Device C
Power Pivot Lost Interrupt C
Precise Hit Used Or Lost Interrupt C
Princess Organa Character-Rebel R
R3-A2 Character-Droid U
R3-T2 Character-Droid R
Ralltiir Freighter Captain Character-Alien F
Ralltiir Operative Character-Alien C
Rapid Fire Used Interrupt C
Rebel Ambush Used Interrupt C
Rebel Fleet Effect R
Red 7 Starship-Starfighter U
Red 8 Starship-Starfighter U
Red 9 Starship-Starfighter U
Red 10 Starship-Starfighter U
Rendezvous Point Location-System R
Rescue The Princess Objective R
Roche Location-System U
Rogue 4 Combat Vehicle R
Ronto Creature Vehicle C
Ryle Torsyn Character-Rebel U
S-foils Effect C
Sandspeeder Combat Vehicle F
Scrambled Transmission Effect U
Scurrier Creature F
Sergeant Edian Character-Alien U
Sergeant Hollis Character-Rebel R
Slayn & Korpil Facilities Effect R
Slight Weapons Malfunction Used Interrupt C
Soth Petikkin Character-Alien R
Spaceport City Location-Site F
Spaceport Docking Bay Location-Site F
Spaceport Street Location-Site F
Spiral Starship-Capital R
Star Destroyer! Used Interrupt R
Stay Sharp! Used Interrupt U
Steady Aim Used Or Lost Interrupt C
Suppressive Fire Used Interrupt C
Swamp Location-Site F
T-47 Battle Formation Lost Interrupt R
Tatooine Celebration Effect R
Tatooine: Anchorhead Location-Site F
Tatooine: Beggar's Canyon Location-Site R
Tatooine: Jabba's Palace Location-Site C
Tatooine: Jawa Canyon Location-Site U
Tatooine: Tosche Station Location-Site C
Tawss Khaa Character-Alien R
The Planet That It's Farthest From Effect U
Thedit Character-Alien R
Theron Nett Character-Rebel U
They're Tracking Us Lost Interrupt C
Tibrin Operative Character-Rebel C
TK-422 Character-Rebel R
Trooper Sabacc Used Interrupt F
Uh-oh! Effect U
Uutkik Character-Alien R
Weapons Display Effect C
Wise Advice Effect U
Wookiee Character-Alien F
Wrist Comlink Device C
X-wing Assault Squadron Starship-Squadron R
X-wing Laser Cannon Starship Weapon C
Yavin 4 Trooper Character-Rebel F
Yavin 4: Massassi Headquarters Location-Site R

Dark Side:
2X-7KPR (Tooex) Character-Droid C
A Bright Center To The Universe Effect U
A Day Long Remembered Effect U
A Real Hero Used Or Lost Interrupt R
Ak-rev Character-Alien U
Alert My Star Destroyer! Immediate Effect C
All Power To Weapons Used Or Lost Interrupt C
Anoat Operative Character-Alien C
Bantha Herd Mobile Effect R
Barquin D'an Character-Alien U
Blast Points Used Interrupt C
Blown Clear Effect U
Boba Fett Character-Alien R
Boelo Character-Alien R
Bossk In Hound's Tooth Starship-Capital R
Brangus Glee Character-Alien R
Carbon Chamber Testing Objective R
Chyler Character-Alien U
Cloud City Occupation Effect R
Cloud City: Casino Location-Site U
Cloud City: Downtown Plaza Location-Site R
Cloud City: Interrogation Room Location-Site C
Cloud City: Port Town District Location-Site U
Cloud City: Upper Walkway Location-Site C
Cloud City: West Gallery Location-Site C
Combat Cloud Car Combat Vehicle F
Come Here You Big Coward! Effect C
Coordinated Attack Used Or Lost Interrupt C
Corporal Grenwick Character-Imperial R
Corporal Prescott Character-Imperial U
Corulag Operative Character-Alien C
Coruscant Location-System R
Coruscant: Docking Bay Location-Site C
Coruscant: Imperial City Location-Site U
Coruscant: Imperial Square Location-Site R
Counter Surprise Assault Lost Interrupt R
Dagobah Location-System U
Dantooine Operative Character-Alien C
Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The Sith Character-Imperial R
Death Squadron Star Destroyer Starship-Capital R
Death Star Assault Squadron Starship-Squadron R
Death Star: Detention Block Control Room Location-Site C
Desert Location-Site F
Desilijic Tattoo Effect U
Destroyed Homestead Utinni Effect R
Dewback Creature Vehicle C
Disruptor Pistol Character Weapon F
Dodo Bodonawieedo Character-Alien U
Dr. Evazan's Sawed-off Blaster Character Weapon U
Dreaded Imperial Starfleet Effect R
Dune Walker Combat Vehicle R
Eriadu Operative Character-Alien C
Executor: Docking Bay Location-Site U
Feltipern Trevagg's Stun Rifle Character Weapon U
Firepower Effect C
First Strike Effect U
Flare-S Racing Swoop Transport Vehicle C
Flawless Marksmanship Used Or Lost Interrupt C
Floating Refinery Device C
Fondor Location-System U
Forest Location-Site F
Gela Yeens Character-Alien U
Greeata Character-Alien U
Heavy Fire Zone Used Interrupt C
Homing Beacon Device R
Hunt Down And Destroy The Jedi Objective R
Hunting Party Used Interrupt R
I Can't Shake Him! Used Interrupt C
Iasa, The Traitor Of Jawa Canyon Character-Alien R
IM4-099 Character-Droid F
Imperial Occupation Objective R
Imperial Propaganda Immediate Effect R
In Range Used Interrupt C
Intruder Missile Starship Weapon F
ISB Operations Objective R
Jabba Character-Alien R
Jabba's Influence Effect R
Jabba's Space Cruiser Starship-Capital R
Jabba's Through With You Used Interrupt U
Jabba's Twerps Lost Interrupt U
Jungle Location-Site F
Kashyyyk Operative Character-Alien U
Kessel Operative Character-Alien U
Kiffex Operative Character-Alien U
Krayt Dragon Creature R
Kuat Location-System U
Kuat Drive Yards Effect R
Lobel Character-Alien C
Lobot Character-Alien R
Lyn Me Character-Alien U
Makurth Character-Alien F
Masterful Move Used Interrupt C
Nal Hutta Operative Character-Alien C
Nebit Character-Alien R
Niado Duegad Character-Alien U
No Bargain Effect U
One-Arm Creature R
Oppressive Enforcement Effect U
Ord Mantell Operative Character-Alien C
OS-72-1 In Obsidian 1 Starship-Starfighter R
OS-72-10 Character-Imperial R
OS-72-2 In Obsidian 2 Starship-Starfighter R
Outer Rim Scout Character-Alien R
Overwhelmed Lost Interrupt C
Patrol Craft Transport Vehicle C
Planetary Subjugation Effect U
Ponda Baba's Hold-out Blaster Character Weapon U
Pride Of The Empire Immediate Effect C
Put All Sections On Alert Used Or Lost Interrupt C
R2-A5 Character-Droid U
Raithal Operative Character-Alien C
Ralltiir Operations Objective R
Rappertunie Character-Alien U
Rebel Base Occupation Effect R
Relentless Pursuit Lost Interrupt C
Rendili Location-System F
Rendili StarDrive Effect R
Return To Base Effect R
Rock Wart Creature F
Ronto Creature Vehicle C
RR'uruurrr Character-Alien R
Rystáll Character-Alien R
Sacrifice Used Interrupt F
Sandtrooper Character-Imperial F
Sarlacc Creature R
Secret Plans Effect U
Sentinel-Class Landing Craft Starship-Starfighter F
Sergeant Major Bursk Character-Imperial U
Sergeant Major Enfield Character-Imperial R
Sergeant Merril Character-Alien U
Sergeant Narthax Character-Imperial R
Sergeant Torent Character-Imperial R
SFS L-s9.3 Laser Cannons Starship Weapon C
Short-range Fighters Used Interrupt R
Sienar Fleet Systems Effect R
Spaceport City Location-Site F
Spaceport Docking Bay Location-Site F
Spaceport Prefect's Office Location-Site F
Spaceport Street Location-Site F
Strategic Reserves Effect R
Surface Defense Used Or Starting Interrupt R
Swamp Location-Site F
Swoop Mercenary Character-Alien F
Sy Snootles Character-Alien R
Tarkin's Bounty Effect U
Tatooine Occupation Effect R
Tatooine: Jawa Canyon Location-Site U
Tatooine: Krayt Dragon Pass Location-Site F
Tauntaun Skull Used Interrupt C
They're Coming In Too Fast! Used Interrupt C
They've Shut Down The Main Reactor Used Interrupt C
TIE Defender Mark I Starship-Starfighter F
Trooper Sabacc Used Interrupt F
Umpass-stay Character-Alien R
Ur'Ru'r Character-Alien R
URoRRuR'R'R's Bantha Creature Vehicle R
Vader's Personal Shuttle Starship R
Vengeance Starship-Capital R
Wakeelmui Location-System U
Watch Your Back! Lost Interrupt C
Wittin's Sandcrawler Transport Vehicle R
Womp Rat Creature C