Premiere Edition

Light Side:
2X-3KPR [Tooex] Character-Droid U1
A Few Maneuvers Used Interrupt C2
A Tremor In The Force Effect U1
Affect Mind Effect R1
Alderaan Location-System U2
Alter Used Interrupt U1
Beggar Effect R1
Beru Lars Character-Rebel U2
Beru Stew Lost Interrupt U2
Biggs Darklighter Character-Rebel R2
Blaster Character Weapon C2
Blaster Rifle Character Weapon C1
BoShek Character-Alien U1
C-3PO [See-Threepio] Character-Droid R1
Caller Device U2
Cantina Brawl Lost Interrupt R1
Collision! Lost Interrupt C2
Combined Attack Lost Interrupt C2
Corellian Corvette Starship U2
Crash Site Memorial Effect U1
CZ-3 [Seezee-Three] Character-Droid C1
Dantooine Location-System U1
Death Star Plans Utinni Effect R1
Death Star: Detention Block Control Room Location-Site U2
Death Star: Docking Bay 327 Location-Site C2
Death Star: Trash Compactor Location-Site U1
Demotion Effect R2
Dice Ibegon Character-Alien R2
Disarmed Effect R1
Don't Get Cocky Lost Interrupt R1
Don't Underestimate Our Chances Lost Interrupt C1
Droid Shutdown Used Interrupt C2
Dutch Character-Rebel R1
Electrobinoculars Device C2
Ellorrs Madak Effect C2
Escape Pod Used Interrupt U2
Eyes In The Dark Effect U1
Figrin D'an Character-Alien U2
Friendly Fire Lost Interrupt C2
Full Throttle Lost Interrupt R2
Fusion Generator Supply Tanks Device C2
General Dodonna Character-Rebel U1
Gift Of The Mentor Lost Interrupt R1
Gold 1 Starship R2
Gold 5 Starship R2
Han Solo Character-Rebel R1
Han's Back Lost Interrupt U2
Han's Dice Used Interrupt C2
Han's Heavy Blaster Pistol Character Weapon R2
Hear Me Baby, Hold Together Used Interrupt C2
Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi Used Interrupt R1
How Did We Get Into This Mess? Used Interrupt U2
Hydroponics Station Device U2
Hyper Escape Used Interrupt C2
I've Got A Bad Feeling About This Used Interrupt C2
Into the Garbage Chute, Flyboy Used Interrupt R2
It Could Be Worse Used Interrupt C2
Jawa Character-Alien C2
Jawa Siesta Effect U1
Jedi Lightsaber Character Weapon U1
Jedi Presence Lost Interrupt R1
Jek Porkins Character-Rebel U1
K'lor'slug Effect R1
Kabe Character-Alien U1
Kal'Falnl C'ndros Character-Alien R1
Kessel Location-System U2
Kessel Run Utinni Effect R2
Krayt Dragon Howl Lost Interrupt R1
Leesub Sirln Character-Alien R2
Leia Organa Character-Rebel R1
Leia's Back Lost Interrupt U2
Leia's Sporting Blaster Character Weapon U1
Lift Tube Transport Vehicle C2
Lightsaber Proficiency Effect R1
LIN-V8K [Elleyein-Veeatekay] Character-Droid C1
Luke Skywalker Character-Rebel R1
Luke's Back Lost Interrupt U2
Luke's X-34 Landspeeder Transport Vehicle U1
Mantellian Savrip Effect R2
Millennium Falcon Starship R1
Momaw Nadon Character-Alien U2
Move Along... Used Interrupt R1
Nabrun Leids Used Interrupt U2
Narrow Escape Used Interrupt C2
Nightfall Effect U1
Noble Sacrifice Lost Interrupt R2
Obi-Wan Kenobi Character-Rebel R1
Obi-Wan's Cape Effect R1
Obi-Wan's Lightsaber Character Weapon R1
Old Ben Lost Interrupt C2
On The Edge Lost Interrupt R2
Our Most Desperate Hour Utinni Effect R1
Out Of Nowhere Used Interrupt U2
Owen Lars Character-Rebel U1
Panic Used Interrupt U1
Plastoid Armor Utinni Effect U2
Pops Character-Rebel U1
Proton Torpedoes Starship Weapon C2
Quad Laser Cannon Starship Weapon U1
R2-X2 [Artoo-Extoo] Character-Droid C2
R4-E1 [Arfour-Eeone] Character-Droid C2
Radar Scanner Used Interrupt C2
Rebel Barrier Used Interrupt C2
Rebel Guard Character-Rebel C2
Rebel Pilot Character-Rebel C2
Rebel Planners Effect R2
Rebel Reinforcements Lost Interrupt C1
Rebel Trooper Character-Rebel C3
Red 1 Starship U1
Red 3 Starship R2
Red Leader Character-Rebel R1
Restraining Bolt Device C2
Restricted Deployment Effect U1
Return Of A Jedi Lost Interrupt U2
Revolution Effect R1
Rycar Ryjerd Effect U1
Sai'torr Kal Fas Effect C2
Sandcrawler Transport Vehicle R2
Scomp Link Access Used Interrupt C2
Sense Used Interrupt U1
Shistavanen Wolfman Character-Alien C2
Skywalkers Lost Interrupt R1
Solo Han Lost Interrupt R2
SoroSuub V-35 Landspeeder Transport Vehicle C2
Spaceport Speeders Used Interrupt U2
Special Modifications Effect U1
Surprise Assault Lost Interrupt C1
Tagge Seeker Automated Weapon R2
Talz Character-Alien C2
Targeting Computer Device U1
Tarkin Seeker Automated Weapon R2
Tatooine Location-System C2
Tatooine Utility Belt Device C2
Tatooine: Cantina Location-Site R2
Tatooine: Docking Bay 94 Location-Site C2
Tatooine: Dune Sea Location-Site C1
Tatooine: Jawa Camp Location-Site C1
Tatooine: Lars' Moisture Farm Location-Site C1
Tatooine: Mos Eisley Location-Site U2
Tatooine: Obi-Wan's Hut Location-Site R1
Thank The Maker Lost Interrupt R2
The Bith Shuffle Used Interrupt C2
The Force Is Strong With This One Lost Interrupt R2
This Is All Your Fault Used Interrupt U1
Timer Mine Automated Weapon C2
Traffic Control Effect U2
Tusken Breath Mask Utinni Effect U1
Utinni! Used Interrupt R1
Vaporator Device C2
Warrior's Courage Lost Interrupt R2
We're Doomed Used Interrupt C2
WED-9-M1 'Bantha' Droid Character-Droid R2
Wioslea Character-Alien U1
X-wing Starship C2
Y-wing Starship C2
Yavin 4 Location-System C2
Yavin 4: Docking Bay Location-Site C2
Yavin 4: Jungle Location-Site C1
Yavin 4: Massassi Throne Room Location-Site R1
Yavin 4: Massassi War Room Location-Site U2
Yavin Sentry Effect U2
Yerka Mig Utinni Effect U1

Dark Side:
5D6-RA-7 [Fivedesix] Character-Droid R1
A Disturbance In The Force Effect U1
Admiral Motti Character-Imperial R2
Alderaan Location R1
Alter Used Interrupt U1
Assault Rifle Character Weapon R2
Baniss Keeg Effect C2
Bantha Creature Vehicle U2
Black 2 Starship R1
Black 3 Starship U1
Blast Door Controls Effect U2
Blaster Rack Effect U1
Blaster Rifle Character Weapon C2
Blaster Scope Device U1
Boosted TIE Cannon Starship Weapon U1
Boring Conversation Anyway Used Interrupt R1
Caller Device U2
Charming To The Last Lost Interrupt R2
Chief Bast Character-Imperial U1
Collateral Damage Lost Interrupt C2
Colonel Wullf Yularen Character-Imperial U1
Comlink Device C1
Commander Praji Character-Imperial U2
Counter Assault Lost Interrupt C1
Dantooine Location-System U1
Dark Collaboration Lost Interrupt R1
Dark Hours Effect U2
Dark Jedi Lightsaber Character Weapon U1
Dark Jedi Presence Lost Interrupt R1
Dark Maneuvers Used Interrupt C2
Darth Vader Character-Imperial R1
Dathcha Character-Alien U1
Dead Jawa Lost Interrupt C2
Death Star Sentry Effect U1
Death Star Trooper Character-Imperial C2
Death Star: Central Core Location-Site U2
Death Star: Detention Block Corridor Location-Site C1
Death Star: Docking Bay 327 Location-Site C2
Death Star: Level 4 Military Corridor Location-Site U1
Death Star: War Room Location-Site U2
Devastator Starship R1
Disarmed Effect R1
Djas Puhr Character-Alien R2
Dr. Evazan Character-Alien R2
Droid Detector Device C2
DS-61-2 Character-Imperial U1
DS-61-3 Character-Imperial R1
EG-6 [Eegee-Six] Character-Droid U2
Elis Helrot Used Interrupt U2
Emergency Deployment Used Interrupt U1
Evacuate? Used Interrupt U2
Expand The Empire Effect R1
Fear Will Keep Them In Line Effect R2
Feltipern Trevagg Character-Alien U1
Full Scale Alert Lost Interrupt U2
Fusion Generator Supply Tanks Device C2
Gaderffii Stick Character Weapon C2
Garindan Character-Alien R2
General Tagge Character-Imperial R2
Grand Moff Tarkin Character-Imperial R1
Gravel Storm Lost Interrupt U2
Han Seeker Automated Weapon R2
I Find Your Lack Of Faith Disturbing Effect R1
I Have You Now Lost Interrupt R2
I've Got A Problem Here Lost Interrupt C2
I've Lost Artoo! Effect U1
Imperial Barrier Used Interrupt C2
Imperial Blaster Character Weapon C2
Imperial Code Cylinder Used Interrupt C2
Imperial Pilot Character-Imperial C2
Imperial Reinforcements Lost Interrupt C1
Imperial Trooper Guard Character-Imperial C2
Imperial-Class Star Destroyer Starship U1
Ion Cannon Starship Weapon U1
It's Worse Lost Interrupt C2
Jawa Character-Alien C2
Jawa Pack Effect U1
Juri Juice Utinni Effect R2
Kessel Location-System U2
Ket Maliss Effect C2
Kintan Strider Lost Interrupt C1
Kitik Keed'kak Character-Alien R1
Labria Character-Alien R2
Laser Projector Automated Weapon U2
Lateral Damage Utinni Effect R2
Lieutenant Tanbris Character-Imperial U2
Lift Tube Transport Vehicle C2
Light Repeating Blaster Rifle Character Weapon R1
Limited Resources Lost Interrupt U2
LIN-V8M [Elleyein-Veeateemm] Character-Droid C1
Local Trouble Lost Interrupt R1
Lone Pilot Lost Interrupt R2
Lone Warrior Lost Interrupt R2
Look Sir, Droids Lost Interrupt R1
Luke Seeker Automated Weapon R2
Luke? Luuuuke! Utinni Effect U1
M'iiyoom Onith Character-Alien U2
Macroscan Effect C2
Molator Effect R1
Moment of Triumph Lost Interrupt R2
MSE-6 'Mouse' Droid Character-Droid U1
Myo Character-Alien R2
Nevar Yalnal Lost Interrupt R2
Observation Holocam Device U2
Ommni Box Used Interrupt C2
Organa's Ceremonial Necklace Utinni Effect R1
Overload Lost Interrupt C2
Physical Choke Lost Interrupt R1
Ponda Baba Character-Alien U1
Precise Attack Lost Interrupt C2
Presence Of The Force Effect R1
Prophetess Character-Alien U1
R1-G4 [Arone-Geefour] Character-Droid C2
R4-M9 [Arfour-Emmnine] Character-Droid C2
Reactor Terminal Effect U2
Restraining Bolt Device C2
Sandcrawler Transport Vehicle R2
Scanning Crew Used Interrupt C2
Send A Detachment Down Utinni Effect R1
Sense Used Interrupt U1
Set For Stun Lost Interrupt C2
Stormtrooper Character-Imperial C3
Stormtrooper Backpack Device C2
Stormtrooper Utility Belt Device C2
Sunsdown Effect U1
Tactical Re-Call Utinni Effect R2
Takeel Lost Interrupt C2
Tallon Roll Used Interrupt C2
Tatooine Location-System C2
Tatooine: Cantina Location-Site R2
Tatooine: Docking Bay 94 Location-Site C2
Tatooine: Jawa Camp Location-Site C1
Tatooine: Jundland Wastes Location-Site C1
Tatooine: Lars' Moisture Farm Location-Site U2
Tatooine: Mos Eisley Location-Site C1
The Circle Is Now Complete Lost Interrupt R1
The Empire's Back Lost Interrupt U1
TIE Advanced x1 Starship U2
TIE Fighter Starship C2
TIE Scout Starship C2
Timer Mine Automated Weapon C2
Tonnika Sisters Character-Alien R1
Trinto Duaba Used Interrupt U1
Trooper Charge Lost Interrupt U2
Turbolaser Battery Starship Weapon R2
Tusken Raider Character-Alien C2
Tusken Scavengers Lost Interrupt C2
Ubrikkian 9000 Z001 Transport Vehicle C2
Utinni! Used Interrupt R1
Vader's Custom TIE Starship R1
Vader's Eye Lost Interrupt R1
Vader's Lightsaber Character Weapon R1
We're All Gonna Be A Lot Thinner! Lost Interrupt R1
WED15-1662 'Treadwell' Droid Character-Droid R2
Wrong Turn Effect U1
Wuher Character-Alien U2
Yavin 4 Location-System C2
Yavin 4: Docking Bay Location-Site C2
Yavin 4: Jungle Location-Site U2
You Overestimate Their Chances Lost Interrupt C1
Your Eyes Can Deceive You Effect U1
Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man Lost Interrupt R1